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The year is 1950. Asa Mills, 20, helps his older brother, George, in the capture and extermination of stray dogs. One day after a hard rain storm, Asa finds the body of a woman floating in the water filled dog pit, as well as his brother’s id bracelet hanging from a nearby briar bush. When he confronts his brother, George threatens his life and admits that he killed the woman when she rejected his advances. Asa decides the only thing he can do is to join the traveling carnival that was heading out of town. In his pursuit of the carnival, he finds not only his partner in crime but also his saviour when they encounter a group of snake-handling evangelicals and his life becomes a sideshow of a different sort. 

Hell Full of Angels


Lyla was the girl that every guy in the town wanted but she only had eyes for Hand, the local boy with a golden future in lightweight boxing. When Hand permanently injured an opponent, he lost his nerve, his hunger for the sport and his desire for Lyla.  Not taking to scorn lightly, Lyla goes from one lover to another but never ever loses her love or animal attraction to Hand. Things reach a fever pitch when Piano Man, the local fight promoter and owner of the town’s piano store, approaches Hand about getting back into the ring to face off with a young boxer, Eddie, Piano Man's current charge and Lyla’s current lover. 

All the Rage

Trigger, a young drifter comes to a small economically depressed town in 1980.  He befriends a local townie called Biker, who has the coolest ride in town. When Trigger lays eyes on Roxie Moon, Biker’s girl, nothing is going to come between him and Roxie, not even murder.  After stabbing one of her classmates in a murderous jealous rage, they embark on a cross country killing spree from New Jersey to Mexico. As Trigger proves to Roxie Moon that some people have a divine right to kill without impunity as they encounter a cross section of all forms of American life for whom they become all the rage.  

A Hell Full of Angels

Hell Full of Angels is the story of an Italian American family living in Brooklyn. It follows each family member as they grapple with their individual hells of gambling addictions, drug addiction, religious addiction, denial and mental illness.


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