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In 1713 a reknowned viola da gamba maker, knowing he is dying, leaves a mysterious talisman inside the last instrument he crafts. The instrument is stolen on its journey to Maestro Gaspard de Villeneuve, the greatest viola da gamba player the world has ever known, by two thieves who smuggle it onto a ship. The priceless instrument is lost at sea when the ship sinks.

Two hundred years later a barnacle covered, seaweed shrouded trunk washes up on the shore of Ireland and is discovered by a young goatherd, Kenzi and her deaf friend, Paidi. The reality of her world starts to unfold imbued with alternate realitites and in its midst, a simple and pure love between Kenzi and Sebastien, Gaspard's protege, illogically develops. The forces of conventionality that try to destroy this love wreaks havoc and the result is a tragedy without end. Though, the resultant loss rocks the classical music world, Kenzi and Sebastien's love lives on in a world transformed as a beacon of purity and inspiration for all. 


Based  on the musical by Nick Colt

Screenplay by Lee Douglass, Nick Colt and Jules Labarthe

Lyrics by Lee Douglass, and Nick Colt

Music by Nick Colt 


KIDNAP GIRL! is an edgy, hyper-stylized adventure story in which a teenage girl discovers “super-powers” that help her free her small town from the grip of an evil traveling carnival. This film is a live-action musical, juxtaposing the energetic styles of punk, techno and pop. Incorporating both dark and comedic elements, Kidnap Girl! is visually imaginative, creating a unique magical canvas upon which the film plays out its mythic themes of love, honor and destiny.

The story follows Francine, the young daughter of puppeteers who run their own marionette theater in an idyllic small town. When the marionette theater mysteriously burns to the ground resulting in the death of her parents, Francine is raised by her Uncle Randolph uneventfully until she reaches adolescence. At that time, her superhero powers come to the fore and not a moment too soon. Johnny Carnival and his devilish troupe of carnies have been wreaking havoc on the town, kidnapping the children, stealing their imaginations and using them to disguise his evil carnival as a fun-filled and delightful amusement. Now he looms on the horizon as a dangerous and manical tyrant, obsessed with his desire for control over all people, stealing their free will and condemning them to a life of fulfilling his demonic bidding.

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