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Concept & Story by Lee Douglass

Book & Lyrics by Lee Douglass and Nick Colt

Music by Nick Colt

The Elvis Presley Game Show is an original rambunctious rock and roll musical that that looks at obsessive fandom, the search for identity and self-truth. Prissy Love, a 17 year old high school senior in 1958 who is the BIGGEST Elvis Presley Fan, is not popular at school, considered to be a weirdo and strictly squaresville.  She is put in her place by the popular girls who have fallen under the 1950's spell of believing that the only career path for a woman is being a wife and mother.  Prissy wants more but sees the way out of Blandsville is to align herself with something or someone who challenges the status quo of her world.  Scorned by the other kids for her ‘radical’ beliefs and love for "devil music", she is determined to pursue her dreams of becoming the world’s biggest Elvis Presley Fan, becoming district leader of the Elvis Forever Fan Club and getting out of town. When her bid to become district leader is rejected by the Fan Club, Prissy remains undeterred even though she doesn't see a path to her dream until...  THE ELVIS PRESLEY GAME SHOW!! - a televised trivia contest that involves answering questions and doing Elvis impersonations -  is holding try-outs for contestants in the next town.  She sets her sight on becoming a contestant and transform Travis into the perfect Elvis Impersonator so they can get on the Game Show. When Travis fails the impersonation audition for the Game Show, Prissy dumps him for Melvis, a ‘real’ Elvis impersonator who she meets at the auditions. He sweeps her off her feet and moves into her mother’s house, paying for his room and board with Elvis impersonations amid empty promises that they will get on the show. Now armed with her secret weapon in Melvis to Elvis’ heart, she bulldozes over everything and everyone that she sees as an obstacle in her path to achieve her dream including her best friend, Hallie and Travis. When Melvis loses interest in the Elvis thing, Prissy is jolted back to reality and she throws him out. Her dream seems empty and she hits rock bottom.  She's at the end of her road, having traveled nowhere and has not only lost touch with Hallie and Travis but with reality as well. Living only in her Elvis fantasy world, she finds herself on Lonely Street outside of Heartbreak Hotel and has a heated encounter with her English teacher that makes her take a deep look inside herself. Prissy sets out to find Hallie and Travis to ask for their forgiveness. However, Travis life has taken a turn to the dark side and fallen off the radar. Will Prissy ever find Travis? Will their relationship blossom? Will Prissy ever get on the Elvis Presley Game Show?


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