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Lee's Story 

Lee is a director of Theater and Film but considers herself simply a story teller

I don't know what my directing style is. It changes with each project. Every story has its own requirements and demands. I suppose that I have a preliminary approach but that work starts long before I go to the studio. I envision the story, I collect images, colors, music, sounds that connect themselves to what I am envisioning. It is not that it is an unconsciousness process but seems to emanate from the subtle mind, from a more intuitive rather than an intellectual place.

Casting is the heart of my directing. I choose my performers very carefully. I have a specific quality in mind and that is what I look for. I have a way of finding if a performer has that and I always trust my instincts. 

In the studio, the journey is completely intuitive. I collaborate with my performers. Although I like to stay fluid and flexible, I leave it up to the preliminary 'subtle mind' work to aid in the decision making while always leaving the door open for inspiration and surprises. 

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