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co-written with toshinori hamada

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S H O R T   P A N T S

A dilapidated condemned dance hall in the East End of London, around Cheapside in the vicinity of St. Mary-le-Bow Church in the late 70ʼs.  After years of carrying a torch for the man who broke her heart, Mrs Pies returns to the dance hall where she thinks/hopes she might see him again or at least, to relive a beloved memory of a happier time. While waiting for him to appear, she comes face to face with a young woman, Prunus, who seems to know as much about her sweetheart and her own life as she does. 




The little lady is Lise Meitner. The mess is the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Through the lens of physicist Lise Meitner’s experience, Meitnerium is a play that explores the ethical soul of science. The controversial use of nuclear bombs on a country on the verge of surrender needs no introduction. The story of how this came about is shrouded in misinformation and overshadowed by the story of the Manhattan Project. It is time to clairfy and expose this story for what it is. Meet Lise Meitner. 

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